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Over 40 years of tyin’ flies and tight lines …

In the early 70’s fly tackle manufacturer Umpqua Feather Merchants revolutionized the way business was done in the fly fishing industry, particularly in regard to the most indispensable piece of equipment used by every fly fisher…their flies!

Umpqua’s product line is well over 10,000 SKUs. Each item has it’s own unique set of specs and data. All of which are compiled together in their industry famous 400+ page Umpqua Wholesale Catalog.

The catalog presents not only a great creative challenge, but the planning, organization and functionality has to be dialed to get a final catalog that meets the needs of the sales force and dealers.

Through our work with Umpqua, we’ve become well versed in wet flies, streamers, nymphs and dry fly hackle. We know our midges from our emergers and feathers from our flash. And, we’re keen on Umpqua’s secret to success, flies aren’t designed to catch fish, they’re designed to catch fisherman.

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